︎︎︎Big Backyard: A Publication & Exhibition
︎︎︎Logo Design
Big Backyard is a publication and exhibition that was curated and edited by North Carolina based photographer Will Warisila.

“During these uncertain times, twelve  photographers were asked to make photographs in response to ideas of invisibility in both private and public spaces.”

I was commisioned to help with the publication layout, flyer design, logo design and overall art direction.

Edition of 1000
32 pages
10.5 x 14”

︎︎︎Family Style Food Festival 
︎︎︎ Art Direction
• The Hundreds / Doordash
Art Director for the first annual Family Style Food Festival presented by The Hundreds and Doordash.

︎︎︎(Slides 2-4) Festival Brochure
︎︎︎(Slides 5-9) Fesitval Print Collateral
︎︎︎(Slides 10-19) Visual Guidelines
︎︎︎(Slide 20) Lineup Flyer
︎Pick Practice Lock Set
︎ Infographic
Instructions for Babylon LA’s Spring 2020 Pick Practice Lock Set. Includes Lock, Set of 2 Keys, Lock Pick Tool, and Instructions.
︎Haight Cannabis
︎Brand/Visual Identity, Packaging Design
• Libre Design Studio
Conception for a new cannabis vaporizer. Haight needed full branding and visual identity. The assets included a logo, product packaging design, mock advertisements and social media assets.

︎Newsletter, Digital Banner, Instagram 
• Firma Design Studio
Given a design brief for the launch of a new Drinkfinity variety, the Mocha Americano Pod. The brief consisted of three assets: a newsletter, display banner, and an instagram post. Drinkfinity is targeted at edgy millennial consumers who are conscious about health and sustainability. These designs were not used and were a self initiated project for Firma Design Studio (Barcelona, Spain)