︎︎︎Art Direction
• MedMen
Brand Development & Art Direction for the cannabis label, Moss.

︎︎︎Big Backyard
︎︎︎Art Direction
Art Direction for Big Backyard. Big Backyard is a publication and exhibition that was curated and edited by North Carolina based photographer Will Warisila.

︎︎︎Toilet Paper & Vodka
︎︎︎Print / Editorial
Proposed editorial design for an article in independent snowboard magazine, TORMENT, third issue.

Photos by Marc O’Malley
Story by Spencer Schubert
︎︎︎Family Style Food Festival
︎︎︎ Art Direction
• The Hundreds
Art Direction for the first annual Family Style Food Festival presented by The Hundreds and Doordash.

︎Art Direction
• Libre Design Studio
Art Direction for a new cannabis vaporizer. Haight needed full branding and visual identity.

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